GT Termékcsalád tárolásra
GT Termékcsalád tárolásra

1) Daily evaporation and static holding time are given for the following conditions: 20°C, 1 013 mb, and vessel is stationary with lid closed. These are nominal values and may vary according to the history of the vessel and the manufacturing tolerances.

2) Indicative value may vary greatly based on the time the vessel did not have its lid closed.

3) Canister 1 level: number of straws stored loose. Canister 2 levels: number of straws stored loose in goblet.

Application areas include: Life sciences, insemination centers, egg and sperm banks, IVF, pharmaceutical labs...

The NATAL 40 is equipped with level and temperature indicator gauges and a RS485 connection box for traceability of recorded data.

Canister organization groove system in the upper part of the GT neck (canister organization system is standard on all GT 14 / 6, 18, 26, 38, 40 and NATAL.

The GTs (except the GT 2) can be closed with a security lock on the lid (the security lock is not included)

Easy to identify number and color code on the canisters in the long holding time GT 3, 9, 11, 21 and 35
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