The FREEZAL is a programmable cryogenic freezer designed to freeze all kinds of sensitive biological samples. The FREEZAL has been designed by CRYOPAL’s research and development team to meet the evolving demands of our global customers.

Key characteristics

-Integrated industrial PC and industrial
 touch screen for reliability and safety

-Connection for a 2nd viewer screen for remote monitoring

-Language options: 7 languages available
 (EN, FR, DE, ES, PO, IT and NE), other available upon request

-Multi-programmable “seeding:”
 manual, semi-automatic and automatic

-Data is stored in the computer

-3 USB ports

-Compact and light system

Included with the FREEZAL:

- Protective casing

- Integrated PC with software

- Electrical supply cable

- Stylets for the PC’s touch screen

- Replacement fuses kit

- Maintenance kit (1 x solenoid valve + 2 x T° probes + 1 x TP connecter)

- Multiple language CD user’s manual

- Customized FREEZAL cryogenic flexible connector hose

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